Марафон зеркало drive

Exactly как именно найти «зеркало, актуальное для БК«Марафон» Drive 2​.ru – это автомобильный марафон зеркало drive, позволяющий запускать сайты блогов. Доступ к Марафон по ссылке — Рабочее зеркало Марафон — альтернативное зеркало бк марафон бет марафон.

как найти конкретное «зеркало» БК «Марафон».

Зеркало Марафон на Сегодня / 24 декабря

Самый простой Drive – автомобильный проект, способный завести блоги. зеркало прямо. 1xbet зеркало drive — Ставки 1xbet ли тотализатор в россии? Букмекерская контора марафон в спб.

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  1. Didn´t expect you ever saying Czech republic 😀 Greetings from heart of Europe 🙂

  2. the coating could be powder coating. if it is heating it up should soften it

  3. Wow, its interesting to see parts made in Czech Republic all the way in Australia. Greetings from the Czech Republic 🙂

  4. I would think those capacitors are rated in Microfarads; this is what a 1000-1200 ufarad capacitor looks like:

    Anyone who knows for sure — have at it!

  5. More videos please uk still in lockdown. Out in December the 2 wep wep

  6. Today I spent eight hours all day to scrap seven old TV and two old video players 🤔

  7. A choke is constructed the same way than a transformer, copper windings around a ferromagnetic core.

  8. do any of the people you get these items form watch your show to see exactly what it is youre doing with all of this?

  9. That big heatsink here in canada is sold as old aluminum and goes for around $0.62 kg. We get ripped off and its set by the govt that way. It is suppose to be extruded and $1.20 kg. Cheers!

    1. @Max D .60-.70 cents a pound IS pretty much $1.20/kg. 2.2 pounds per kg bud. You’re both getting screwed.

    2. I live in quebec.. and he gave me 60 to 70 cents a pound for extruded aluminun.. your scrap yard just screw you

  10. in electronics a choke is an inductor used to block higher frequency while passing direct current

  11. Glad the hot sauce arrived without damage and very quickly. I found a bottler not far from me and we cooked up a private label relationship. Lots of fun and something a little different. Hope you enjoy.

  12. I wished I lived in Melbourne and was able to stop by to sell you some boards and talk for a few hours!!
    Have a Great Day My Friend!!!

  13. Look at those juicy capacitors (all of them), high power transistors and diodes. 😉 Too bad, that it would cost you a fortune to ship them to Europe (it might cost even more than they are really worth brand new).

  14. A dc choke is basically a coil …those caps are measured in micro Farrads uf …good to see your scraping so much stuff …I use to work at an ewaste facility here in Tasmania but because of freight cost across the ditch to Melbourne its gone belly up now .all ewaste gets shredded now ….divu ever get damaged macbook air s

  15. Cheers for posting Ben making my time with a beer and scrap feel like its flying by

  16. Can I ask why you would not smelt tin plated copper. With the much lower melting point of tin is it that difficult to separate?

  17. Ben the sauce is Shark Scrappers very own recipe which he now has professionally bottled 👍I cant do anything hotter than a korma myself lol but Im sure youll like it as I hear it has a bit of a kick😁

  18. I think that was the first time I remember that you said Keep Scrapping but you forgot to say Have Fun. Lol

  19. you dont seem to do the melting of copper or ali any more and i know what you are going to say you will say i havent got the time maybe you should take a bit of time out from the scrapping and do some melting i miss it.

  20. Chokes are an economical means of filtering and controlling the DC bus voltage and current in a variable speed drive /inverter
    They help reduce AC input line current harmonic distortion while absorbing DC bus voltage spikes

  21. Have you tried one of those extractor bits? I think you should give one a try

  22. Heyo, BigStack D sent me here and Im glad I did. Im probably your newest sub. Haha!

    Good stuff! Im enjoying what youve made. 🍻

  23. Why choke coil Cannot be used in DC?
    The choke is used only in alternating circuit. because for direct currents, The inductive reactance , of the coil is zero. only the resistance of the coil remains effective which is too almost zero.

  24. Just a thought…maybe cut one of those security camera drivers so you can use with your impact.

  25. Wow that pickup is really paying off big time Ben. Just a hint, put a couple drops of Sharks Spicy Hot Sauce on the chooks tail feathers for better egg production and maybe some spicy eggs too. One never knows! 👍👍 Really enjoyed and looking forward to your next Scrap-A-Thon.

  26. when you get a chance go check out ozzy man reviews it is crazy funny. i always watching u tare stuff apart.

  27. what good is there in those compositors ben because for scrap value that we all want they useless a small minute piece of copper wire about 2 cm long a coiled up paper filled with oil of some sort

  28. In electronics, a choke is an inductor used to block higher-frequency while passing direct current (DC) and lower-frequencies of alternating current (AC) in an electrical circuit. … The name comes from blocking—choking—high frequencies while passing low frequencies. Nice Stripping Session — all that Copper — Alu and Steel — You sounded very Happy !!!! Stay Safe and Greetings from us in Australia — we love it !!!!

  29. A DC choke is an inductor that blocks higher frequencies while passing DC and lower frequency AC.

    1. Nice to see someone with electrical knowledge. We will eventually teach him whats going on, hopefully

  30. The gel blocks are power transistors(the logic board controls them so they take power from the capacitors and from it they create the sine waves going to the electric motor with different frequencies bellow 50hz thus generating the variable electric motor speed).

  31. Does Ryobi know they make power tools only used in reverse mode?

  32. dc choke
    In electronics, a  is an inductor used to block higher-frequency while passing direct current () and lower-frequencies of alternating current (AC) in an electrical circuit. … Its low electrical resistance passes both AC and  with little power loss, but its reactance limits the amount of AC passed.

  33. Two hours plus — this is going to take more than one cup of coffee 😂☕

    1. @Shark Scrapper haha Hello Shark! Ive been in my workshop but can now sit and watch this gem…Im guessing there is some hot sauce making an appearance 😁

    1. @Joachim Shekelberg they are basically a transformer as they have a ferrite core

    2. I guess he can throw them into transformers without scamming anybody. Construction is basically same.

  34. Is scraping e waste a hobby or is this your full time job? 🤔😄

  35. In electronics, a  is an inductor used to block higher-frequency while passing direct current () and lower-frequencies of alternating current (AC) in an electrical circuit. … Its low electrical resistance passes both AC and  with little power loss, but its reactance limits the amount of AC passed.

  36. Hey bud, you call them buzz bars, us yanks call them bus bars! Ha!ha!

  37. Hey, Ben! Wee you able to sell any of the parts to your electronics friends from the previous scrap of the variable speed drives? Just interested if they are worth anything like people say.

  38. the round transformer on the next to the last unit is a choke cut the handle off one of your special tool and chuck it in the drill

  39. jeezz that burnt out one was well blasted! 😳 the high voltage ratings on the caps are due to using 3 phase mains (hence the 3 power blocks, 1 per phase) most residential places just use 1 phase

  40. The choke is built like a transformer its full of copper. I think those resistor blocks are actually diode blocks? Definitely check to see if they have part numbers if any of those are diodes theyre worth money.

  41. Very interesting its like a giant jigsaw puzzle I keep thinking you should pull that gold bar back gold looking bar love your chickens I add to your your videos I love your videos

  42. you should save all nuts, bolts and washers in a barrel…save them forever

    1. Make a resin table full of all your different types of bits you find! Cooool!

  43. A choke is inherently an inductor. There is indeed a coil like a transformer, but it is just a large inductor.

  44. If only i could have purchased one of the smaller units i would have happily

  45. I’d say the Justice League movie was the biggest DC choke I’ve seen.

    1. Thats because no super hero movie should be rated anything other then R rating or at least PG17

  46. i can always hear morning doves u must have something they like .in the usa there is 1100 dyeing a day your so lucky.

    1. I mean it’s not like a mystery novel where you have to get to the end. I use it as background while I work so the longer the better for me.

  47. Variable speed drive power AC and DC motors to run at a set speed. The most expensive part is the SCR. Many of these drives use 3 phase electric power.

  48. Or they got wet when the fire was put out IN THE ONES WHICH WENT ON FIRE

  49. Nice copper Solids in there buddy! The extruded is gonna break the back lol. Shark, Johnny great stickers! I wished ya melted the tin copper! Coffee was actually exciting this morning Ben! Stay healthy!

  50. I would try a heat gun/torch on the insulated copper plates, maybe if you get it warm itll peel off

  51. Some of those bigger bolts look like they might be intended to conduct electricity. Could they be tinned copper?

  52. Just looked up what a DC Choke is lol! Big capacitor that buffers the AC voltage spikes by converting it to DC & then back again preventing and back flow of power and a smooth steady flow once it’s converted back to AC….cool part!

  53. 1:15:48 wonder if that gel is to prevent the silver from oxidizing

  54. As said in other comments, the DC chokes are large copper coils around an iron or ferrite core to suppress high frequency electrical noise. As for why those one are sealed, because they are such high voltage and high amperage they are potted in a compound to prevent arcing from one coil to the other.

  55. 1:26:00 woow its come 😉 awsome thanks 😉
    i alwsays watch you videos 😉
    great video 😉

  56. here in Virginia its a nice cool breezy autumn day…definitely sweater weather

  57. Whenever I run across those tinned copper flat pieces. One side is usually rubber like the other paper. I show a scrape mark on each piece and take it as number two copper.

  58. Some parts on this VFDs can be sold by a good money … but they need proper testing .. you need to locate a buyer for this kind of parts, who will eventually test and sell them without going into much trouble.

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